Five Fit Rules Workout Program


Introducing the Five Fit Rules Body Transformation Program

Are you tired of not seeing results with your fitness?  Frustrated working hard in the gym and still not getting the body that you truly want? Do you want to transform your body into a more ripped, lean and muscular physique but don’t know how? Let me walk you through a body transformation step-by-step.

The Program

Using the Five Fit Rules 12-week Body Transformation Program, I transformed my body. My waistline went from 40 inches to 30 inches.  I lost 40 pounds and built lean muscle. I built a fitter body, all with the principles listed in the Five Fit Rules Program.

With my program, I’ll teach you how to handle all of the tough issues related to fitness like:

  • Dealing with late night cravings
  • Eating fast food while still losing weight
  • Shaping your body
  • Getting stronger, lean and ripped
  • Scheduling your workouts
  • Eating food you like and still lose fat and gaining muscle

Here is my story:

In August 2010, I weighed 232 pounds, had a 40-inch waist, was pre-diabetic, suffered from the ill-effects of asthma and a torn knee ligament. I was also terribly out of shape, out of energy and at an unhappy time in my life.

michael lee before picture

I found the motivation to begin to run and eat healthier. I used my knowledge and experience as an Army Vet to go back to the basics of cardio, strength training and nutrition. Ten months later, in May 2011, I weighed 185 lbs, dropping over 40 pounds!  I also joined a gym for the first time in his life and began to build a muscular physique.

michael lee before and after

In 2013, I entered his first Bodybuilding Competition.  I won 1st place and  went on to compete in several other shows throughout 2013 and 2016, winning a total of 10 Overall Physique/Bodybuilding Championships.  I am now a Natural Bodybuilding Pro Athlete with Musclemania™.

Michael Lee Pro Bodybuilding Champion

With your purchase, you will receive:
*A downloadable PDF step-by-step Five Fit Rules eBook (63 pages)
*A downloadable PDF the Five Fit Rules 2-Week Cookbook
*Instant online access to over 30 easy-to-follow Nutrition, Cardio and Strength Training Videos

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