Hi!  – I am Michael Lee, a NSL Professional Physique Athlete, Author, 10x  Steroid-Free Physique Champion, Fit Lifestyle Coach and the owner of Iron Fit Life LLC. I have one of the most incredible transformation stories in the fitness industry.



In August 2010, I weighed 232 pounds, had a 40-inch waist, was pre-diabetic, suffered from the ill-effects of asthma and a torn knee ligament. I was also terribly out of shape, out of energy and at an unhappy time in my life.

mlee pre trans sept 2010

I found the motivation to begin to run and eat healthier. I used my knowledge and experience as a Army Vet to go back to the basics of cardio, strength training and nutrition. Ten months later, in May 2011, I weighed 185 lbs, dropping over 40 pounds!  I also joined a gym for the first time in his life and began to build a muscular physique.



Image on the Left- September 2010, Image on the right – Now, 2014

Michael Lee Body Transformation

Michael Lee – Body Transformation – YouTube Video (Over 500K Views!)

By losing fat and gaining muscle, I totally transformed not only my body, but my entire life. I was no longer pre-diabetic and more energetic and fitter than my Army days. I began to run in 5K’s, 10K’s and even a 1/2 Marathon.


Low Rez Correct-12

In 2013, I entered his first Men’s Physique/Bodybuilding Competition.  I won 1st place in 3 different categories (Men’s Physique Novice Overall, Men’s Physique Open Overall and Best Transformation Award). I went on to compete in several other shows throughout 2013 and 2016, winning a total of 10 Overall Physique/Bodybuilding Championships.


On April 23, 2016, I earned my Professional Physique Athlete status in the Classic Physique Division in the Inspire Sports League.



I chronicled his body transformation and recently released it as a easy-to-follow eBook and workout program, Five Fit Rules For Men.


I also released a free workout eBook, G.Y.M – Grow Your Muscles.



Between being a brand ambassador, sports model, speaker and a blogger, I seek to have a positive impact upon my thousands of followers and supporters through social media and everyday life. I am determined to be one of the top fitness figures in the coming years.


Stats Michael Lee
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 195
DOB: February 25th
Birthplace: Detroit, MI
Current Residence: Denver, CO

Competition History


Nspire Sports League – NSL2 – Denver Championship
1st Place and Overall Winner – Master’s Classic Physique 35-42
1st  Place and Overall Winner – Classic Physique (Earned Professional Physique Athlete Status)


INBA Arizona Shredder
3rd Place – Men’s Open Physique
2nd Place – Men’s Open Bodybuilding

NPC Teen, Collegiate and Master’s Championship
4th Place – Men’s Masters Physique (35-42) – Class D

NPC Colorado Mile High Natural Championship
1st Place and Overall Winner – Master’s Physique 35-42
1st  Place and Overall Winner – Master’s Bodybuilding – 35-42
4th Place – Open Physique – Class B
1st Place – Open Bodybuilding – Heavyweight



IFBB North Americans
3rd Place – Master’s Physique 35 – Class C
9th Place -Open Physique – Class C

NPC Colorado State Show
1st Place – Master’s Physique 35-42
1st Place -Master’s Physique Overall

NPC Axis Labs Northern Colorado
1st Place – Men’s Physique Open Overall
1st Place – Men’s Master’s Physique Overall
1st Place – Men’s Master’s Bodybuilding Overall

NPC Colorado Nutrition Company Denver Open
1st Place – Men’s Physique Open Overall
1st Place – Men’s Physique Novice Overall
1st Place – Grit & Courage (Best Body Transformation Award).

NPC Axis Labs Northern Colorado
4th Place – Men’s Physique Open, Class C

NPC Steel City Championship
1st Place – Men’s Physique Open Overall

NPC Team Universe
15th Place – Men’s Physique Open, Class C

NPC Armbrust Pro Gym Warrior Classic
4th Place – Men’s Physique Open, Class C


Winner – Week 79 http://physiqueoftheweek.com/michael-lee-interview/

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