Dear Nike…. The NIKE #JustFitness Project

Dear Nike,

For 30 plus years we have supported you.  We have purchased your shirts, rocked your shoes on our feet, wore your hat’s on our head, scored TD’s wearing your logo and been the freshest dressed person in the place with your clothing on. We made you a big part of our culture.

We invested in you, helped you become a $100 billion dollar company.  You had commercials, we watch them.  You released hot shoes, we purchased them. We helped make your athletes worldwide superstars. We weren’t on the practice field with them or helping them shoot baskets in the gym, but we rooted for them and motivated them to Just Do it!  We made the consumption of your products a priority.  Now, we need your help.

Somewhere along the way, in the past 30 years, the state of health and fitness of society has declined. Less emphasis on the basics of health, fitness and nutrition;  and more focus the looking cool, looking fit and winning. Obesity and Diabetes Type II is at all-time high.  No one seems to have any answers or solutions. There are now generations of 30 year-olds , whose health and fitness is in a bad state, and are raising children heading down the same unfortunate path.  If ever there was a time to change, the time is now.

Nike, you can help with changing the state of health, through health and fitness awareness and promotion. What I am proposing today is the NIKE #JustFitness Project .  This project would help raise the awareness of health, fitness and nutrition in communities that not only support Nike (through the purchase of your products) , but the communities that are hardest hit by preventable related health diseases like Obesity, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes Type II, Heart Disease and High Cholesterol.  The NIKE #JustFitness program would include events in the the following:

NIKE #JustFitness Health and Fitness Events – City Tour in the summer of 2016








*St. Louis



At the events during this your, speakers from the health and fitness community will come speak, instruct and educate men, women and children on the fundamentals of health, fitness and nutrition. Each city will have a celebrity representative to lead the charge and increase the event awareness.  The purpose of the project is to help people reclaim their health and fitness and lay a great foundation for the next generation of kids, athletes and leaders. People desire to change their state of health and fitness.  People want to change their lives for the better.  They simply need help, guidance and motivation.

The NIKE #JustFitness Project is about educating, inspiring and motivating people to reclaim their health and fitness.  This is for people young and older, from any and all backgrounds.  This event will include panel talks featuring the top and most influential health, fitness and nutrition experts, athletes, speeches, demonstrations, classes, courses, challenges contest, health checkups booths and a huge celebration at the end.  Imagine an arena packed with thousands of men, women and children eager to improve the set of health and fitness with the help of Nike.  This is a rally, an educational event, a call to action, an awareness campaign, a landmark moment in health and fitness history, a moment that will never be forgotten. Nike, we, as a community, need your support. The time to act is now.

As a generation, we heavily invested in your company, your athletes and in your products and services.  Now, we need you to make a small investment in us.  As the leader of the fitness apparel industry, this is a unique opportunity for you to show not only show the fitness industry that you care about the health of your customers, but to show the entire world you care about your customers.

There are companies in the world that invest millions of dollars in the lives and careers of people that are simply entertainers, and don’t provide any true value to the world nor their community, other the product(s) they produce.  What we are asking is for you Nike to invest in the spreading of one of the important ideas of all-time, the idea that personal health, fitness and nutrition is of the utmost importance and it’s time to get “back to the basics” of each of those areas.  The NIKE #JustFitness Project is a perfect way to spark a new fitness revolution.

Thank you for listening. I can be contacted below to get the project started.


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