From a Couch Potato to a Physique Champion – My Story

My name is Michael Lee.  I am currently a competitor in the Men’s Physique Division in the NPC.  I am a 6x Overall Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding  Champion. I am now a National Level Competitor (in pursuit of my IFBB Pro Card). I am the winner of Week 79 of the contest.



I have had my story published on various websites, including and muscleandstrength,com and even in a magazine (Fit Figures).  I occasionally participate in local 5K’s and obstacle course style races.

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I am currently conduct  demo’s and sampling with a few GNC Franchise Stores (Stapleton/Pavilion Stores in Denver).



What sets me apart and makes me an ideal person to follow is my incredible transformation story.  I went from being a overweight, out-of-shape military (Army) Veteran, to a healthy, muscular, all-natural, champion bodybuilding athlete.  This transformation happened all in the matter of 3 years. In the summer of 2010, I weight 232 lbs, had a 40 inch waist and was simply out of shape and out of energy.  I also had increasing problems with asthma and was pre-diabetic.

After looking at a picture of myself shirtless at a water park, I knew that I had to change.  Since that day, I have lost over 40lbs of fat, kept it off for the last 3 years, and have built a muscular, award winning physique.

Michael Lee – Body Transformation – August 2010 through current day picture


YouTube Link to my Body Transformation Story:

Due to the response of my amazing transformation story being published online and in print, I started my own online health and fitness company, Ripped Runner LLC, with the vision to helping others transform into the healthiest version of themselves.  I was able to build a devoted online following through my blog, and numerous social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Bodyspace, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). My combined social and personal network currently extends over thousands of health-conscious, fitness-focused followers.

I reside in Colorado, the healthiest state in America, and I am living proof of that statement. My area has more fitness-events and fitness-minded people per capita than nearly anywhere in the US.  As I mentioned earlier, since moving here to CO in 2010, I have lost over 40lbs of fat and built a very muscular, ripped physique.  I am a college graduate (BS in IT, AS in Business).

Recent Interview:

My future plans are to compete here locally in Colorado a few more times in 2014 in bodybuilding/Men’s Physique shows, then compete again nationally for a IFBB Pro Card.

I recently released my anticipated workbook program, Five Fit Rules for Men, which instructs men how to lose fat, build muscle and live a healthy lifestyle.



I also have a free eBook, G,Y.M. – Grow Your Muscles, available for download.


Here are the links to my social media profiles:


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Pinterest: (Bodyspace): MikeRippedRun




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Michael  Lee




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  1. Tremendous man. A must follow. His story is riviting. And his personality is priceless. I’m dating myself but I’m giving it 2 thumbs up.

    1. Thanks Michael Continuing to work hard and promote good health and fitness practices.

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