How to Lose Unwanted Body Fat

How To Lose Unwanted Body Fat

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Here are a few proven tips to lose unwanted body fat and get in great shape!

1. Get organized

  • Schedule your workouts by body parts

o   Major body parts include Chest, Legs, Back, Arms(Biceps & Triceps), Shoulders and Core

  • Write down all of the exercises and workouts you will perform in a journal.
  • Keep the journal with you everywhere you go.
  • Gather your workout gear, supplements, clothes and food the night before.
  • Track your waistline size, weight and progress pictures (front, back, side) for a total of 12 weeks.


2. Get to work

  • Perform the exercises in your plan
  • Do your cardio exercise before strength training (focus on fat loss before gaining muscles)


3. Reflection on Progress

  • At the end of the week, reflect on your progress.  Ask yourself the following questions:

o   Did I hit all of my workouts?

o   What problems did I face that prevented me from working out?

o   Was I  able to overcome those challenges?

o   How did I feel before and after my workouts?

o   What adjustments will I make next week to ensure I am successful?

o   Did I gain weight or lose weight?

o   Did my waistline increase or decrease?

o  Do I like how I look in the mirror?

 4. Make adjustments

  • Ensure that next week’s workouts are a bit more challenging that the previous week.  For example, if you ran HIIT on the Stairmill (30 seconds high speed, 1 min low speed intervals), do 25 min’s using the same interval.?
  • Make sure that you are eating at least 3 balanced meals per day (lean protein, healthy fat and complex carbs).  To lose body fat at a steady rate, eat less and less complex carbs and up lean protein, veggies and healthy fat, as the day wines down.
  • Have 1 cheat meal per week (not a cheat day).


5.  Cardio before Strength Training (for 6 straight weeks)

  • Ensure that you are performing at least 3-5 challenging cardio sessions per week.
  • Perform cardio before weight training for 6 weeks in a row, then after 6 weeks, perform strength training before cardio for the next 6 week.
  • Cardio session should last at least 20 mins, and be no longer than 45 min’s.
  • Make it challenging.  You should be sweating and breathing heavy.  Don’t be afraid to give it your all.

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-Michael Lee aka Ripped Runner (6 x Physique Champion and author of Five Fit Rules)

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