I am now a Pro Physique Athlete!

This past weekend, I competed in the Nspire Sports League NSL2 Open Show in Denver in the Classic Physique Division. This was the second pro qualifying show that this organization has offered since it’s inception last September.

I competed in the Open and Master’s division of Men’s Classic Physique. I was able to win both Classes in my division, and the Overall Men’s Physique Championship at the show, in which I was award my pro status with the organization.


This was the 12th physique show that I have competed in, and my 10th overall title.  This was my first NSL show.  Now that I am a pro, I’m able to compete on the NSL pro circuit, and market myself as a pro athlete.  This was a dream come true.  I plan to compete on the pro stage sometime later this summer.  Would like to thank my sponsor, iSatori for their support and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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-Michael Lee
Author/iSatori Sponsored Athlete
Nspire Sports League Pro Athlete

10x Physique Champion
Body Transformation & Fit Lifestyle Coach

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