5 Steps to Getting your Fitness Back on Track

Five Steps to Getting your Fitness back on Track

It’s fairly easy to get off track with personal health and fitness. Stress from work, daily life, family, and school can all contribute to us putting fitness on the back burner. Whether it’s over-eating, skipping workouts, or lacking the motivation to live healthy, it can be taxing trying to get back consistent. Personally, I have been there from time-to-time. I’ve learned that falling off of the fitness track is not a knock against the person that I am, but rather my response to the particular state that I was in at the time. If you a battling with getting back on track with your health and fitness, here are five step to help jump-start you back on the road to great health and fitness:

Step 1. Decide that good health and  fitness is what you truly want

If you want good health and fitness, then make a decision to live that way. Yes, it may mean less slices of pizza, no alcohol for a while, and less junk food, but the end result is a fitter, better version of you.  It will take sacrifice, sacrifice that not everyone is willing to make.  But, if you want great health and fitness, these sacrifices will be less impacting and less mentally draining as time (and your fitness) progresses.

Step 2. Know how much food you should be consuming each day

No matter how much you exercise, you will NEVER meet your fitness goals if you continually eat more food than your body needs and uses.  if you are overweight, each time you eat more food than your body needs, it stores that food as fat. Free Dieting Tools is a great resource is find how many calories you should be eating per day to lose weight.  Find out how many calories you should be consuming and work hard not to exceed this amount.  For my height/weight/age, (36 y/o, 5.10, 36) it’s about 2100-2400 calories per day. I’ll eat around 2100 if I want to lose fat, and eat around 2400 or more if I want to focus on gaining muscle.  This is in conjunction with a structured strength training program and cardio.

fitness formula is calories in, calories out

Step 3. Prepare and schedule your meals and workouts

Prepare some of your meals for the week ahead of time. Cook and freeze batches of lean meat (90% Lean Turkey, Fish, Baked, Skin-less Chicken and Lean Ground Beef). Purchase bags of salad, kale, spinach, asparagus and frozen veggies. Invest in a quality lunch bag.  Use plasticware (BPA Free) to store and transport your food. Also, write down a realistic work out schedule, one that you have a great chance of actually completing.  If you travel a lot, consider using a travel bag, like 6 Pack Fitness, to carry and store your meals on the go.

meal prep

Step 4. Use a journal to track you meals and workouts

Keeping a journal is a great way to track progress, keeping you from drifting from your plan and staying organized. I journal all of my food, workouts (exercises, sets, reps) cardio sessions, notes from my workouts and more. You can even track it through an app like LoseIt! or MyFitness Pal. If you are serious about progressing, incorporate a journal into your approach to fitness. Don’t rely heavily on memory, because your memory will fail you at some point. Journaling gives you a chance to look back in time and determine what works and what does not work. if you can track your eating behavior, weight and workouts, then you can certainly change it.  The power is in your hands!

popular fitness  apps

Step 5. Allow room for changes

Don’t set such a rigid and strict schedule and meal plan that you have no room for changes. What happens if you accidentally leave your prepared meals at home? What happens if the weather is bad and you can’t make it to the gym? It’s good to have backup plans.  Look for alternate healthy choices in a cafeteria or restaurant.  Try to workout at your jobs’ workout room  or go for a jog during part of your lunch hour.  Find creative alternatives to help you meet your goal.

I hope these tips help get you back on track. If you are already on track, I hope it helps keep you on track. If you want serious results, then you have to take serious steps. So, make a choice to get fit, plan your workouts, prep your food, journal your experience and allow room for change.

change just ahead


Take Care,

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